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Are Ford's Reliable?

Safety & Features Video - Part 1

Ford has invested a lot of time and money over the past several years to ensure they are the leaders in safety and technology. Ford has some amazing technology in their cars which makes people, who may not normally drive Ford, trade-up.

Advanced Safety Features

The kinds of technology Ford has focused on are things such as adaptive cruise control, collision warning sensors and active park assist . With adaptive cruise control you can tell your vehicle just how far back you would like to stay from the car in front of you and it will adjust your speed accordingly which in turn will also help you save on fuel. Collision warning sensors mean if something comes out in front of you that is going a considerably lower speed the car will pre-load the brakes so that they are ready to go at a moments notice. Active park assist is another great feature that uses sensors in the front and the rear of the car to park the vehicle for you.

Safety & Features Video - Part 2

More Vehicle Features

Some more wonderful features offered by Ford are stability control and advanced airbags. stability control is the continuous monitoring of the wheels and it will let you know if one of the wheels is slipping so it will take the power off the wheel and put it onto the tire with more control. In the Ford vehicles you have second and third generation airbags. In the new Ford Fusion you have a driver and passenger front knee airbag.

Everyone claims to be making safer and better looking cars. Your can trust that Ford is actually putting all their time in money into a safer and more technologically advanced vehicles. The air bags are something that have been around for a long time and we always forget to mention. In the Ford vehicles you have second and third generation airbags. In a lot of collisions the driver's knees are a common injury and the knee air bag allows for a cushion during impact. The knee air bag is class exclusive in the Ford Fusion.

Come to West Coast Ford Lincoln and have a look at some of these features yourself. If you have any questions, we can answer them.

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