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Partner Pricing

A partnership between West Coast Ford Lincoln, Ford of Canada and hundreds of Canadian Companies has arrived. If you happen to work for one of these partnered companies you could be eligible to save thousands of dollars off a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle!

There are too many companies to list but include local companies' like Shaw, Telus, Air Canada, CN Rail, CP Rail, Walmart and Tim Hortons to name a few.

This Partner Recognition Program offers EXCLUSIVE SAVINGS on eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles for the employees! And what makes the Partner Recognition Program really stand out is how simple and transparent it is.

Here is how it works:

  • Contact West Coast Ford Lincoln to see if the company you work for is on the list of Recognized Partnered companies.
  • If your employer is on the list, we will require a minimal amount of information from you to obtain your special PIN number from Ford of Canada.
  • Choose the vehicle that suits your needs and we will provide you with your EXCLUSIVE Partner Recognition Pricing for that vehicle. This pricing is established by Ford of Canada and is printed on our vehicle invoices and to keep everything transparent you'll be involved in the entire process. We'll show you the vehicle invoice and what Ford of Canada has set for YOUR EXCLUSIVE Partner Recognition Price!

From there, you will STILL be eligible for ALL OTHER retail incentives like:

  • Low Interest Rate Finance and Lease Offers
  • Factory Rebates that directly reduce the price
  • Available Customer Cash Offers like our popular Costco Member Offer, Built Ford Tough Accessory Offers and Winter Safety Package Offers
It really is that easy! And with literally hundreds of Partnered companies there is a good chance that yours is on the list! To find out more visit West Coast Ford Lincoln today.