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Upfront and Fair Used Vehicle Pricing

At West Coast Ford Lincoln, we are happy to provide our customers with upfront and fair used vehicle pricing. Through the use of CarGurus Badges information on our pre-owned vehicle inventory, you can accurately assess which vehicle is right for you and your budget with confidence.


What's in a Deal Rating?

To calculate deal ratings, the sale price of a vehicle is compared to the estimated fair market value. This is also known as the CarGurus Instant Market Value. From there, dealer reputation is also factored in. From this calculation, the quality of the deal is rated as: Great, Good, Fair, High or Overpriced.


What is the CarGurus Instant Market Value?

The CarGurus Instant Market Value (IMV) is an estimated fair retail price for a vehicle based on a detailed analysis of comparable current and previous car listings in your market. CarGurus computes and updates Instant Market Value calculations daily using an advanced algorithm that takes into account millions of data points, including make, model, trim, year, mileage, options and vehicle history.


West Coast Ford Lincoln is making it easier for you to purchase your next vehicle by showing an unbiased 3rd party opinion of our prices. But we don't stop there. West Coast Ford Lincoln also utilizes several resources to ensure our pre-owned vehicles are priced fairly and competitively. One resource we use is sophisticated software that searches the internet for similar vehicles for sale and compares details such as vehicle options, mileage and accident history to ensure our pricing is in line with the market standard.

Once we determine a reasonable price, we use the CARFAX Vehicle Valuation software that compares the same parameters but with vehicles that have recently sold at other local dealers to ensure our prices are accurate, fair and competitive.


We put the effort in upfront, so our customers can confidently shop at West Coast Ford Lincoln, saving time and stress knowing our vehicles are appropriately priced. Spend your energy on picking out the perfect vehicle for you and your family, not worrying about the price. Shop our Best Deals to take advantage of huge savings at your local Greater Vancouver Ford Dealer - West Coast Ford Lincoln today.