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Enjoy the drive. That's our goal for every one of our customers. What began in 1988 as a small idea has grown into a company recognized and respected throughout the industry. West Coast Ford Lincoln joins in the mission to design fun, expressive vehicles that make people happy.


Our goal is to be the undisputed leader in styling and quality, setting the standard by which perfection is measured. Our design and innovation lead to an array of market-leading products. We design vehicles that stand the test of time - technologically, structurally, mechanically, and always beautifully.

Being great is simply in our DNA. With everything we do, beginning with our lavish and stylish designs, we strive to be bold, fast and aggressive. And, we promise to continue to innovate and surprise with more fun products in the future. We love our products and hope you will as well.

2019 FTX Red 3


The FTX is our flagship truck and the one that started it all. The FTX blends Ford's off-road technology and aggressive stance with graceful styling and luxury finishes.

Black Ops

Developed to honour the brave men and women of the United States armed forces, the Black Ops is more than just a truck - it's a tribute to the brave people who have fought for our freedom. Because we believe in what it stands for, Tuscany will donate to Wounded Veterans Organizations for every Blacks Ops truck sold.


The all-new Shelby F-150 delivers all the rugged capabilities you need for an outdoor adventure - and every bit of the sophistication you need for a night on the town. Based on the popular Ford F-150, this Shelby version comes standard with a 395HP, 5.0L V8 engine that can be supercharged to over 755HP. Mounted on 20" Shelby engraved alloy wheels, heavy-duty suspension and an underbody built to withstand the apocalypse, this Shelby truck has room for everyone and everything to make you feel like the King of the World behind the wheel. Only 500 of these trucks will but built for the US in the 2019 model year.


The Harley-Davidson branded pick-up truck was created to give motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to once again enjoy classic Harley-Davidson design cues in the top selling vehicles.

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