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Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan

Ensure that your vehicle continues to run at its best through a series of regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, as outlined in your vehicle's Owner's Guide. These are achieved through the Ford Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan to keep your vehicle running with optimal performance and to bring you peace of mind as you experience all that the open road has to offer. Featuring a variety of plans to suit each driver's specific needs, Ford Canada gives you the ability to choose the plan that is right for you.

Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP)

Allow the Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP) to offer you peace of mind for the road ahead in your newly purchased or leased vehicle. With many customizable features, there is a FMPP just right for you. FMPP is available for cars, trucks, eligible diesel vehicles, electric vehicles and cab and chassis vehicles, leaving no man behind. This plan offers premium coverage with regularly scheduled maintenance and multi-point inspections for Ford vehicles as outlined in each vehicle's Owner's Guide. You are also given optional first-day rental coverage and rental vehicle reimbursement when you require covered maintenance services. Take advantage of reimbursement for up to $30/day for as long as 2 days so that you never have to go without a vehicle, even when being serviced. Your coverage will begin at the time of plan purchase and end at the selected time or distance traveled, whichever comes first. This plan may be purchased on Ford vehicles anytime before the earlier of 12 months or 20,000km from the warranty start date.

Limited Maintenance Plan (LMP)

After the purchase of a pre-owned Ford, Lincoln, Mercury or competitive-make vehicle, you are able to acquire the Limited Maintenance Plan (LMP). This plan offers coverage on regular maintenance services, such as engine oil and filter change, multi-point inspection and tire rotation, giving you the ability to customize your plan and service needs, depending on your driving habits and covered distance. Included in this plan is extended roadside assistance, providing services in towing, flat tire change, trip planning, emergency travel expense reimbursement, battery boosting, winch out, lockout assistance, fuel delivery and more. The addition of an LMP on your recently purchased vehicle helps to protect your investment and lower rising maintenance costs.

To purchase a Ford pre-paid maintenance plan for your vehicle, or for more information, please see your Ford of Canada Dealer.

Extended Service Plan

For extended coverage on your Ford vehicle, you are given access to a Ford Extended Service Plan. There are a wide variety of ESPs to cover a wide range of vehicle components to give you confidence on the road. All ESPs are backed by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and are honoured at every authorized Ford and Lincoln dealer across Canada and the United States. The following are the available ESPs, giving you the ability to select one that is right for you.


Offering extended roadside assistance, up to 10 days of rental vehicle reimbursement, optional rental plus vehicle reimbursement, and a standard $100 deductible, this extended service plan covers almost everything. Allow yourself to be covered by the ultimate plan with the additional coverage of over 1,000 vehicle components.


Offering 113 covered vehicle components and included roadside assistance; this ESP provides additional high-tech coverage to the already covered components PowertrainCARE and BasicCARE plus additional coverage.


For a broader protection than offered by the PowertrainCARE ESP, this BaseCARE delivers 84 covered components as well as roadside assistance.


The powertrain ESP is a foundation of coverage for all new vehicles with 29 covered vehicle components and roadside assistance.


Diesel drivers are not to be left out through the ESP that has been custom-made specifically for Ford diesel vehicle owners. It covers all engine components included in your diesel engine warranty under the NEW Vehicle Limited Warranty and provides confidence on the road through roadside assistance, as well as rental vehicle benefits and vehicle reimbursement.


This ESP offers immediate first-day rental service coverage for your vehicle. It also provides roadside assistance and up to 3 days of rental vehicle reimbursement on a covered repair.Whether your New Vehicle Basic Warranty is nearing expiration, or has expired altogether, driving with an Extended Service Plan can bring you peace of mind and assurance for the unexpected. Servicing your vehicle and additional maintenance can become costly, save yourself from these additional charges through the protection of a plan that protects you and your vehicle.

Reasons To Purchase

There are many reasons why purchasing a Ford Pre-Paid Maintenance Plan or Extended Service Plan is right for you. They offer peace of mind as you drive, knowing that you are 100% backed by Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited as each plan is honoured at every authorized Ford and Lincoln Dealer across Canada and the United States (Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan is honoured at every authorized Lincoln Dealer in Canada and the United States). Through these regularly scheduled maintenance services, you are able to access quality care by Ford-Trained Technicians using Ford approved parts. The addition of a FMPP, LMP or ESP help to protect you against the rising cost of maintenance as you ensure your vehicle is performing at optimal levels. The addition of a plan can also add to the resale value of your vehicle if you later plan to sell, as the remaining coverage of a FMPP may be transferred to a new owner, as long as it is transferred within 90 days of the purchase date of the vehicle (except where prohibited by law). The Limited Maintenance Plan is not transferable.

Visit your local Greater Vancouver Ford Lincoln Dealer - West Coast Ford Lincoln to see the latest new and pre-owned models available. Learn more about your pre-paid maintenance options to ensure your new vehicle is long-lasting and reliable. The staff at West Coast Ford Lincoln can answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your needs.