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Ford SYNC Connect

When it comes to keeping you connected to the things that matter most, Ford introduced Ford SYNC Connect, a series of innovative communications technologies that seek to bring you uncompromising access to your systems and devices. There are many faces of SYNC that offer varying types of connectivity services; they include SYNC/SYNC with MyFord, SYNC with MyFord Touch and SYNC 3.

Thorough Capability

An advanced array of communication and connection technologies comes together with the extensive Ford SYNC collection. Through the technology of SYNC/SYNC with MyFord, you are given the ability to use your voice to make a call or listen to music, without distraction from the road. SYNC with MyFord Touch offers many SYNC features plus enhanced capabilities as an intelligently organized touchscreen further enables you to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Then you have SYNC 3, the most advanced of the systems that includes all the previous features as well as next generation of voice-activated technology on an easy-to-use design and new interface.

Hands-free Calling

All SYNC systems offer hands-free calling as you simply push a button and make a voice command to gain direct access to a phone conversation that can be heard throughout your vehicle's speaker system. Numbers and names from your compatible devices are automatically downloaded for seamless access as you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

No-Extra-Charge 911 Assist

Also available on all SYNC systems is the No-Extra-Charge 911 Assist. This feature connects to your compatible cell phone and can call for help in the case of an emergency, even when you cannot. Calls made through this feature go directly through your properly connected device without intermediary assistance.

Music Search and Control

With each connectivity system, you are given access to your music and entertainment at a moments notice. With SYNC/SYNC with MyFord simply use the sound of your voice to inform the system of what you would like to hear with the voice-activated search or stream your content wirelessly from your phone. Through the updated SYNC with MyFord Touch, you are given these features plus the addition of SiriusXM Satellite Radio and is an extensive collection of music, news, comedy and more. The advanced SYNC 3 features Bluetooth hands-free phone connection or USB-connection to gain access to your music library where you can utilize voice commands to select your music option from this library as well as from the SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Siri Seamless Integration

This advanced feature is found only on SYNC 3 as it brings an integration of Siri Eyes and your iPhone to your vehicle. Siri Eyes Free can be found on a steering wheel-mounted button, providing you easy access to push the button and use your natural speaking voice to operate your iPhone without taking your eyes of the road or your hands off the wheel.

LCD Screen

Each SYNC system comes with a revolutionary LCD screen for caller ID, call waiting, your contact list, and song titles. On SYNC with MyFord Touch, this system is enhanced to provide a colour-coded touchscreen display with additional entertainment options and an optional navigation system. Elevate your screen usage with SYNC 3 and its convenient swipe and available navigation with pinch-to-zoom functionality similar to that of a smartphone.

Voice Recognition

Enhanced voice-activated commands are provided with SYNC with MyFord Touch as you access calling, messaging, the SiriusXM Satellite Radio System and more with the simple sound of your voice. You are also given the ability to adjust the available climate control system as well as give commands to the optional Navigational System for an increased interactive capability. Upgrade your potential with the next-generation of voice-activated technology on SYNC 3 as you experience real-world voice command technology for a system that responds to the sound of your natural voice.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Offering you smartphone integration like never before, SYNC 3 comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Support. Apple CarPlay utilizes Siri to help you interact with your iPhone for calling, voice mail, the ability to send, read and reply to text messages and even access your music library and playlists. You are also given the addition of Apple Maps for turn-by-turn directions, traffic conditions and estimated travel time. With Android Auto Google features are brought to your vehicle's interface through your smartphone for calling, voicemail, messaging, and voice-guided navigation with Google Maps.

SYNC Connect

SYNC Connect, in correlation with SYNC 3, equips your vehicle to use FordPass. This innovative system offers the ability to track of your vehicle's location and initiate remote access of features such as start, lock and unlock and vehicle status information such as fuel levels and an approximate odometer reading. This feature also allows you to schedule specific vehicle start times so that it is ready when you are.

SYNC AppLink

For quick and streamlined access to your SYNC-enabled mobile apps, you are provided with AppLink. This feature is able to compile compatible apps from your connected smartphone and automatically load them for on the road access.

Ford SYNC Connect available in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

Engage with the world in and outside of your vehicle with the help of the innovative Ford SYNC Connect. Making the most of the latest in technological advances, this combination of systems promotes driver safety, ongoing focus on the road and a smooth integration of your devices and systems with your on-road life.

Discover all that Ford SYNC Connect has to offer at your local Greater Vancouver Ford Dealer - West Coast Ford Lincoln, where we look after your every request with diligence and determination.