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Longest Bestselling Streak for Trucks

Thanks to you, the Ford F-Series has been the bestselling line of trucks in Canada for 56 years. And, for the first time, the lineup includes gas, hybrid and all-electric F-150® trucks.

F-Series is the best-selling line of pickup trucks in Canada for 56 years in a row based on Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association statistical sales report up to year end 2021.

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Good Looks Run in the Family

You look out over every work site, every home improvement store, every boat launch -- there's a sea of trucks. Buy you don't blend into the crow -- your F-150 stands out. Its silhouette is confident, its approach commanding, and you've got evolutionary design and a mountain of capability underfoot. Plus, you have 12 models to choose from, each designed to help you experience life in its own unique way. 

To get the rank of Built Ford Tough, you have to endure the most gruelling tasks. We put our trucks through merciless conditions, including temperatures ranging from subzero to searing heat, towing heavy loads over steep inclines and teeth-rattling torture tests on bone-jarring terrain. This truck proves it can meet your toughest challenges.

There's An F-150 Tailor-Made for You

No matter which model you choose - traditional gas, hybrid or the all-electric F-150 Lightning™ - Built Ford Tough® comes standard. 

Whether you're an everyday working warrior or long-hauling weekend warrior, F-150 has you covered. The fresh, modern interior and rugged, stylish interior both hit the right note, whatever your lifestyle or working conditions entail. 

The toughest part? Choosing which one you park in your driveway.

Getting Better with Age

Times have changed, but one thing has stood the test of time. The Ford F-150 has evolved from a proficient work truck into a reliable daily family hauler with innovative towing technology, versatility and overall capability. This has made the Ford F-150 nameplate a standard in the lives of millions. But we haven't stopped there - we've continued to make forward advancements in truck modernization with the all-electric F-150 Lightning.

Welcome to the Modern Workspace

Your office doesn't have an address. It has BlueOval™ mounted to the grille. 

While others may be searching for a power source or eating lunch over a laptop, the F-150 puts productivity at the forefront with clever design and ingenuity. 

It's the work truck that hard working people have relied on for 4 generations.

Smart Technology on Your Smartphone

Your Ford F-150® is capable of doing a lot of amazing things. 

Now, it gives you the tools to do them more conveniently - remotely or manually - in the form of innovative features that make accessing, trailering, hauling, powering equipment, charging and more seem effortless all via your smartphone.