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If you are impacted by COVID-19 and you're leasing or financing through Ford Credit, we're here to help.

Contact Ford Credit using one of the following two options; Self-Serve or Phone.

Self-Serve: Phone:
This is the easiest and quickest method to defer your payments with Ford Credit Canada. Login or create an account on the Ford Credit Account Manager website and you will be able to select up to a 2-month payment extension. See below for detailed information on how to set up your account.
Like many financial institutions, Ford Credit is receiving an unprecedented volume of calls, so accessing your account online will be the quickest method. However, if you prefer to call and speak to someone or you are having difficulties with the online account process, you can contact Ford Credit Canada at 1-877-636-7346

What you will need to create an online account with Ford Credit:

1. You will need your Ford Credit Account Number. If you don't have your account number, you can call West Coast Ford Lincoln at 1-877-343-6838 and ask to speak to a Financial Services Manager or Sales Manager
2. You will need the last 8 characters of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your VIN can be found on your ICBC Insurance or Registration, the driver's side door jam or from the outside of the vehicle looking through the windshield at the driver's side corner of the dash.

Registration Steps:

1. Sign into the Account Manager website: Ford Credit Account Manager
2. Click Register for online Access link
3. Enter your Account Number
4. Click the Verify Button
5. Enter last 8 characters of your VIN
6. Enter First Name (individual account only) as it appears on contract
7. Enter Last Name or Business Name (business accounts only) as it appears on contract
8. Select the Role (Buyer or Co-Buyer)
9. Create Username
10. Create and confirm Password (NOTE: The password must contain both alpha/numeric characters from 6-10 characters.)
11. Enter and confirm email address
12. Check the I Agree to the terms and conditions above checkbox
13. Click the Register Now button

Is your vehicle FINANCED
with Ford Credit:
Is your vehicle LEASED
with Ford Credit:

The fees to process the extension have been waived; however, interest will accrue while the payments are extended. Interest cannot be added to the end of the lease, so there is a charge (30% of your monthly payment) when deferring a lease payment. This amount will not be due until your next scheduled payment (deferred due date) along with your deferred regular monthly payment.

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