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First Time Buyers 

Get up to $500 down payment or rebate cheque on Focus and Fiesta models.

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You can get a $500 bonus on Focus and Fiesta models.

Must have graduated or be graduating within next 4 months from a university, college, military, or police academy. 

Other conditions apply. Visit West Coast Ford Lincoln in Maple Ridge for Details.

Government Recharges and Extends Clean Energy Vehicle for BC Program and Sets MSRP Price Maximum to $77,000.

Program expires March 31st, 2018 or when all of the allocated funds are used. 

Model YearVehicle MakeVehicle ModelFuel Type12 Month Lease (33.3% of Max)24 Month Lease (66.7 of Max)Purchase or Min. 36 Month Lease
2014FordFocus ElectricBattery Electric vehicle$1,665.00$3,335.00$5,000
2014FordCMAX EnergiPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle$832.00$$1,667.00$2,500.00
2014FordFusion EnergiPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle$832.00$1,667.00$2,500.00
2015FordFocus ElectricBattery Electric vehicle$1,665.00$3,335.00$5,000.00
2015FordCMAX EnergiPlug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle$832.00$1,667.00$2,500.00
2015FordFusion EnergiPlug-in Hybrid Electric vehicle$832.00$1,667.00$2,500.00
2016FordFocus ElectricBattery Electric Vehicle$1,665.00$3,335.00$5,000.00
2016FordCMAX EnergiPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle$832.00$1,667.00$2,500.00
2016FordFusion EnergiPlug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle$832.00$1,667.00$2,500.00

On Wednesday, at the 2016 Globe Conference on Sustainability and Innovation Premier Christy Clark announced funding of $11.9 million from the Province's Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund for three programs aimed at promoting clean-energy vehicles, clean air and clean water.
In response to strong demand for clean-energy vehicles the Province is injecting an additional $6.89 million into the Clean Energy Vehicle Program to ensure purchase incentives continue to be available for British Columbians who choose a qualifying electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and to make further investments in charging infrastructure.
Under the Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Program, point-of-sale incentives of up to $5,000 remain available for the purchase or lease of a new battery electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, and up to $6,000 for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. When combined with SCRAP-IT program incentives, total savings could be up to $8,250 for an electric vehicle.
To ensure the funds available for incentives go further and are available for more British Columbians purchasing lower-cost CEVs, the Province has established a vehicle price cap. Effective immediately, any CEV with a manufacturer suggested retail price above $77,000 will not be eligible for a purchase incentive from the CEV program.
Please NOTE the new $77,000 maximum price rule is effective as of March 2, 2016.  If a customer placed an order for a vehicle with an MSRP over $77,000 in the days before the announcement date, then this transaction would be "grandfathered" under the old rules, but if they are placing an order on or after March 2, 2016, then they would not be eligible for the incentive.
The Ministry of Energy and Mines will continue to administer the CEV incentive program through a partnership with the New Car Dealers Association of British Columbia.
In addition to $6 million for purchase incentives, the CEV Program will receive $890,000 for further investments in programs under development to expand public and residential charging infrastructure and encourage fleet purchases of CEVs.
CEV Access to HOV Lanes Announced
Premier Clark also announced that effective immediately, eligible electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles displaying an official decal are allowed in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes throughout the province regardless of the number of passengers in the vehicle.
The NCDA is pleased to be administering this recharged program and we're thrilled that the government has listened to us around providing HOV access as a perk for our members customers.

Offer expires: 03/31/2018

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